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Upcoming Appraisal CE for NH+

Darker Shades of Gray 10/12/2023 register now Concord, NH $ 170 MA, NH, VT

When was the last time you called someone you met from an online class for appraisal advice?
Distance education is like watching a concert on's just not an experience!

An Important Note About the Supervisor/Trainee Workshop

Need some CE and curious about current licensing rules? Wonder what it takes to become an appraiser? Ever think you might like to help someone become an appraiser? Need a course to become a Supervisor or Trainee in New Hampshire? Then this is the course for you!

The relatively recent establishment of Appraiser Trainee requirements for licensure has caused some appraisers to have second thoughts about bringing others into the industry. This course covers all of the usual, required data you need to know before becoming either a Trainee Appraiser or a Supervising Appraiser in NH, so you'll know what to expect.

It also goes one step farther by examining different solutions and strategies to overcome the barries to entering the appraisal field. Did you realize you don't even need to become a "trainee" or have a "supervisor" to become an appraiser in New Hampshire...?

"...I have been promoting [The Strange Case On Agile Mountain] since I took it. It was wonderful...for me the best part of the class is that it is such a brain teaser and the open discussion just sucks you in. I have been taking appraisal classes since the late 90’s  and appraising  for the better part of 15 years and have found this to be the best one yet. Can’t wait to take it again."

What Makes The Agile Mountain Course So Different?

The Strange Case On Agile Mountain is unlike any case study or seminar you've ever experienced. It is based on an actual eminent domain case that proved stranger than fiction. The appraisal problems are easily grasped by new appraisers, but in context the case presents enough depth to seriously challenge even the most experienced of condemnation appraisers. This highly interactive course provides the chance to explore many issues at an informal, comfortable pace. 

"I've been taking appraisal courses since the mid-1970s, what the [redacted] called the 101 and 102 courses.  Actually took a one day prep seminar and then challenged the courses.  Anyway, I hate appraisal seminars, and particularly when they are mandated.  I figure that out of any seven hours, I may get fifteen minutes of worthwhile information.

But with all that said, your Agile Mountain seminar was/is the best I've ever had to sit through.  It was engaging, all the way.  You carried it through informally, with humor, yet kept everyone on track.  And everyone was engaged and interested, so far as I could tell.  This was a premier learning experience, even for a cynic like me, and I hope you go on the road with it.
" - pb

Darker Shades of Gray
[a Harkness Table Discussion of Topics That Concern Appraisers]

The new Darker Shades of Gray course leverages the Harkness Table format to explore varous appraisal subjects, questions, and topics that just can't be handled in a typical class. A great opportunity to freely discuss topics that interest YOU. Prior classes have delved into such varied topics as ethics, fees, reviewers, competence, trainee's / supervisors, conflicts of interest, data sharing, and technical issues. This has the potential of being the most individually beneficial continuing education offering you'll encounter this cycle.

All experienced appraisers know there are some really odd situations that don't have a right or wrong answer. Darker Shades of Gray was specifically developed to foster frank and open discussions of such oddities in a safe, semi-private environment. Students even have the opportunity to anonymously have their own questions presented to the group for discussion or clarification. Do you have a appraisal question you were afraid or too embarassed to ask? Bring it along - technical, ethical, practical, or philosophical... we'll do our best to get some answers! - more info

Why Our USPAP Update Is The Best You'll Ever Take!

In one word: interaction. Not only is the class kept intentionally small, the presentation heavily follows our ground-breaking (at least for the appraisal industry) Strange Case on Agile Mountain format. The result: real life questions answered, specific concerns addressed, and a course so engaging that the instructor has to insist on taking breaks. Think this is just a bunch of puffery? Try us and see!

Definitely the best USPAP update that I’ve ever taken!
Thank you


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