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Supervisor/Trainee Appraiser Workshop


George W. LeMay, NHCG#38, AQB Certified USPAP Instructor # 44986


This course meets the training requirements for new Trainee appraisers and Supervising Appraisers.

How much and what is included?

Course fee includes all materials and instruction.

What is covered?

What is the format?

Live classroom. Presentations, discussions.

Education Credit:

This course meets the requirement for becoming a Supervisory Appraiser or an Appraiser Trainee

Provides 7 hours of continuing education for Appraisers, Assessors, and Assessor Supervisors in NH.

Approval by a state board does not constitute their endorsement of this class.

Enrollment Policies & Deadlines:

Due to facility planning needs, preregistration for all seminars is required.

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