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Who Did It? (a case study)
[an enforcement appraisal review case study in a Harkness Table format]

Facilitator / Author:

George W. LeMay, NHCG#38


This course is based on an actual case and gives participants a chance to experience the Appraisal Review process from an enforcement action investigator perspective. Comparing the filed appraisal report, complaint, and the appraiser's response against the USPAP text, participants will obtain a better understanding of USPAP, some of the strengths and weaknesses of the single-family residential appraisal form, and the importance of understanding the Appraiser-Client relationship.

Due to the nature of the original complaint, a number of common misunderstandings and mistaken beliefs will be addressed, including confidentiality, disclosure, and certification requirements. Some participant may even decide to alter some of their daily practices after experiencing the material presented in this study.

Note: Class size is very limited to ensure a meaningful learning experience for all participants.

How much and what is included?

The seminar fee includes refreshments at breaks and necessary course materials.

What is the format?

Round table / Harkness table style discussion.

Education Credit:

NH, VT: Approved for 7 hours of continuing education credit

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