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[a Workshop Seminar to Accomplish Something Meaningful]

Facilitator / Author:

George W. LeMay, NHCG#38


What makes Ad-Hoc unique is that it also accomplishes something useful, productive, and meaningful to individuals and groups other than seminar participants.

Most appraisers view the appraisal industry exclusively as a practitioner. This seminar provides participants with a broader understanding of the appraisal industry, potentially touching areas they may never have considered. Ad-Hoc goes beyond performing purely academic exercises like those normally associated with continuing education. The course consists of one or more goal based modules presented in 3 parts: Introduction, Analysis, and Activity. Time is spent among these activities as needed to achieve the desired goal. One unique aspect of this course is that it is ment to address contemporaneous real property appraisal industry issues, problems, or projects. As such, the specific goals and tasks will vary along with the amount of work needed to properly address the need.

Note: Class size is very limited to ensure a meaningful learning experience for all participants.

How much and what is included?

The seminar fee includes refreshments at breaks.

What is the format?

Round table / Harkness table style discussion / workshop.

Education Credit:

NH: Approved for 7 hours of continuing education credit

Enrollment Policies:

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