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HP12C Bootcamp & Appraisal Math Review


George W. LeMay, NHCG#38

About The Course:

The purpose of this course is to review and present appraisal math, financial, and engineering notation concepts in the context of understanding the Hewlett-Packard 12C Financial Calculator. Understanding the Language of the HP 12C makes understanding the button labels easier.

Teaching keystrokes or definitions for a particular calculator does not foster understanding, and  course on how to use a calculator would be incredibly dry unless participants can relate to the lessons and presentations. practicing appraisers are already mathematically competent though they might be "a little rusty" in some areas they don't use everyday. Understanding the few additional concepts and notation conventions needed to understand the HP 12C will broaden most appraisers' competence significantly. Most of the math being reviewed will not pose significant challenges to most appraisers, so their focus can remain on broader valuation / financial concepts while they obtain an understanding of the 12C.

What is covered?

Most of the functions (programming funcionality is not formally presented) on the HP12C.

What is the format?

Topic driven presentation / review / discussions and contextual examples for practice.

Education Credit:

Approved for 7 hours continuing education

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